March 11, 2014

Disciple Making Groups

Faith is best lived out in community. As Christ picked a small group of followers to pour his life into, we likewise will find healing and transformation as we do the same. Whether it in a growth group, triad or even the Freedom Cafe, we value living out your faith in community.
March 10, 2014

Cross Cultural

One of the key values of Chi Alpha is being others focused. There is no better place to start this spiritual endeavor then with Chi Alpha and Freedom Cafe. We are not only a diverse group of students, but also work full time to invest in a small community in India through Freedom cafe.
March 9, 2014

Spirit Empowerment

We believe that as a christian, God changes your life, so you can pour it out for others. We are no in it alone. God empowers us to be agents of his Kingdom here and around the world.